Emotional Regulation Support Group

Enigma is a support group in Stowmarket supporting individuals who struggle with regulating their emotions. They follow a Dialectical Behaviour therapy approach based around the workbook by McKay,Wood and Brantley – there are exercises but completing them is not compulsory. This is your recovery and your experience to finding greater wellness when you feel ready and able to do so. Expect to meet people from all walks of life; teachers, shop workers,retired individuals, healthcare professionals, students…mental health doesn’t discriminate and this amazing group come together to share thoughts,ideas,coping methods and experiences as well as much cake, friendship and laughter along the way. Contact info for Linda and Jodi at Enigma – see the poster below – if you are interested, do contact them as the demand to attend is high. If you are unable to attend this group then the workbook alone is worth investing in, in my personal and professional opinion.

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