Tomorow begins Today

Tomorrow begins today – it doesn’t matter what time today but it’s definitely here. Love, Relationships, Discoveries, Curiosity, Possibility – they are all here TODAYDepression, Anxiety, Phobias, OCD, feeling sad or afraid or lonely – these are all the tools of the ancient parts of our brains that fought predators and was on high alert to keep us safe. But here’s the thing – we don’t need to use that part of our ancient reptilian brain in our modern lives as much, things change. We change. We have changed.

Our reptilian brains negative bias of …”oooh best not do that just in case you can’t/something bad happens/someone else wants me to do something for them/it might be uncomfortable or frightening or worrying/i must be on high alert in case there are dangers or threats or worries or mistakes etc…” keeps us stuck thinking tomorrow “will be better to do it”

But here’s the thing your reptilian brain doesn’t tell you..Tomorrow is TODAY and however today goes, you have the tools to actively, deliberatly and consciously harness the positives in the day to fuel, nurture and feed your curious, engaged and positive brain that is waiting for it’s chance to shine 🙂

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