Complex Needs / Borderline Personality Disorder

I attended an exceptional workshop in Chelmsford this weekend looking at our Complex Needs population – more often referred to as individuals exhibiting Borderline Personality disorder / emotionally unstable personality disorder.

It is often widely misunderstood and can be chaotically handled / mishandled in healthcare systems often meaning that individuals are treated for individual symptoms such as depression, eating disorders, generalised anxiety, substance abuse, relationship difficulties, self harm/suicide attempts in adolescence and adulthood without recognising the fuller picture that so much more is happening for these individuals.

Individuals with complex needs will very often have experience significant trauma particularly around relationships in childhood/adolescence. They will find relationships difficult, making friendships quickly which are unstable and intense. They may appear impulsive, find it hard to control their emotions, feel bad about themselves, have issues with body image, feel empty/paranoid/ abandoned and depressed.

The intensity of feelings can swing and change within minutes, someone that was idolised one moment can become demonised the next whilst underneath is a terrified, distraught, furious, loving individual that is fighting moment by moment to make some sense of the shifting thoughts that drive them from euphoria to despair and everything in between with moments. The effort to live is beyond exhausting.

I am dedicated to continuing to learn and develop so as to support my clients the very best that I can. This weekend’s workshop was another step on that road and I feel so humble and honoured to be a part of this profession x

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