You matter

My clients remain in my thoughts between our appointments together and breaks in our work together because I genuinely without any hidden agenda simply care about them, their lives and their world.

Why? because one person did this for me and changed the direction on my life.

I am here , for them, with them when their internal weather is a tornedo or a sunset, walking side by side with them if they can allow me to share in their world as they experience it.

It can be so hard for them to put themselves as a priority in their own life but they are always a priority in mine and I will always be there for them without demands or judgements. In return I too am honoured to earn their relationship, trust and acceptance, to support them with genuine care and my truest feelings, thoughts and understanding.

After a two week holiday I am sincerely looking forward as I do always to seeing my current clients and continuing our work together.

Past, present or future the mark you make in the world, your world, my world, others world is precious and I for one appreciate you.

Drawing by Charlie Macksey

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