We are not meant to be islands…

A few months ago I was in a shop that was playing some music and without really thinking I began to hum and then sing those odd words that you know (or at least you think you know!) As I mooched around the aisles I began to notice I was not alone in my mumbled warbling’s and as I reached down for a bag of flour, a voice from behind me said “keep going girl”.

Temporarily confused but also mildly amused at being called a girl (THANKYOU!) I stood up, flour in hand, and met the eyes of a lady in her later years beaming away at me and also singing to herself as she shopped. Realising at this point she was referring to my singing and not the purchase of a mass consumption of flour, we struck up a conversation about ‘sing songs’ and after an impromptu Jig to accompany our singing we descended into shared laughter and carried on our merry ways.
dance This encounter has stayed with me for several reasons; I was touched by the simplicity of the moment and the amazing power of a shared experience. Of how connecting and engaging with others brings warmth and pleasure and how a smile, a song or even a Jig can brighten the day and touch ourselves and others, reminding us we are not meant to be islands in this world. And so to that lady I should like to say, thank you (AGAIN!) for sharing a moment with me that has lasted and to everyone who may read this – try it, you might just like it 🙂


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