Are you swinging from feeling anxious, scared or on guard to thinking quick I must ‘do’ something, only then to swing back to anxiety and then doing again? Sometimes we think if we could just do this one thing, or change this one part of our lives we will be happy.
For me happiness occurs when we can nurture and create an environment both within us and outside of us for happiness to thrive.
Often striving to achieve the one thing that we think will change our lives makes us frustrated, unhappy, stressed and agitated as we try to grapple with the intangibility of ‘being happy’. In reality happiness creeps up on us in a moment when the right conditions within us and around us come together.
Being more compassionate to ourselves, more accepting, gentle and less demanding on ourselves can mean that we create a space where we can stop doing and start being. In those moments feelings of happiness and wellbeing have the opportunity to flourish and the more we take the time to consciously check ourselves, the more opportunities arise. The other lovely side effect is that by treating ourselves in this way, we also nurture our capacity to be compassionate, gentle and accepting of others – spreading our happiness like a gift.

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