When you can’t make a session…

Yesterday there was a counselling time slot when I would normally have been seeing a client but due to a pre-arranged situation she was unable to make our session together. People have asked me what do you do in that time?


The simple truth is that I sit quietly in my counselling room and I think about the client. And so it was that yesterday I sat in the silence reflecting on my client and the world she has faced and faces and her deep courage in doing so. And I wrote. I wrote everything I know about her but not the facts of her life, I wrote about her inner world, her spirit, her soul, her inner child and her adult self and I asked her in my mind how she was.

And so for me the session was not cancelled, it is never cancelled because whether a client is with me or not in that space, I believe it is their time and I am there for them.

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