Because Relationships matter…


Struggling in relationships with family, friends, work colleagues or loved ones can undermine our mental well being leaving us deflated, irritable and exhausted.

Healthy relationships develop when we make time to nurture them.

In a world of social media it can be tempting to lose ourselves in a cyber world and neglect those in our immediate vicinity.

Staying present with friends, family and loved ones is an important part of making and keeping healthy connections.

Listening to what other people are saying in a non-judgemental way and concentrating on their needs at that moment communicates trust and acceptance. They are talking to you because they need you to hear something and acknowledge their feelings and thoughts.

Similarly allowing yourself to be listened to and supported is just as important as is sharing how you are feeling honestly.

Recognising yourself in a relationship which is unhealthy and makes you unhappy, is a strong step to helping you move forward and find solutions to issues.

Healthy Relationships = Healthy Mind = Healthy Well Being

For more information and advice on promoting a healthy way of being with yourself and others visit the Mental Health Foundation

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