Hummingbirds have a lot to teach us…

New cushions in The Cabin feature these beautiful Hummingbirds.

A bird full of much symbolism “A hummingbird is so many things in so many ways. It is a bringer of joy, luck, hope, comfort, love, appreciation, enjoyment, independence, freedom, and optimism. A bird of its kind is rare in itself. You would be surprised to know that they possess a rare ability to fly in all directions, including backwards! While nature may have given it this ability to remove its long bill from the flower after relishing the sweet nectar, spiritually it signifies the need to look back in life, cherish the good times of the past, and move forward without any regret or burden. This ability also signifies the quality of agility when it comes to changing one’s path to get in sync with life’s circumstances. And through this change, lift up the negativity that surrounded your hearts. This creature is also known for its vigor and persistence, which inspires us to give our all to pursue and fulfill our dreams and desires ” according to


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