You are Perfectly You

This post is particuarly to all of my clients (present, past and those of you on my waiting list) who have worked through this pandemic and maintained their commitment to themselves. It is also to anyone that these feelings touch.

Thank you for being you. You are amazing. You turned towards the pain when you could have tried to ignore it.

Your courage, determination to change your circumstances, commitment to moving forward in a healthier way of living and honesty in connecting with your emotions is inspiring and humbling.

As human beings there will always be times when we struggle emotionally and your strength in facing those struggles rather than turning away from them, make you stronger and more resilient day by day. Its an absolute privilege to stand alongside you and witness your hard fought transformations.

Thank you for placing your trust in me and our work together. I am passionately commited to your well being and am here for you for as long as you decide.

When our work comes to it’s natural end together please know that you are never forgotten.Instead I think of you often for your unique journey, the things you learnt about yourself and all that you have taught me but mostly you are remembered for simply being perfectly you.

On this autumn morning, I am standing in the sunshine, looking at the sky and thinking of you all.

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