Depression is an expression of intense pain. Whilst those suffering from depression may experience emotional numbness as just one of the many symptoms of depression this is indicative of being overwhelmed by deep and traumatic emotions which is a strangely yet ironic symptom of depression. Other feelings include fatigue, feeling disconnected from reality, hugely emotional and tearful, changes in sleep and food routines, intense sadness and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. This is your depression expressing itself, finding an outlet. You are not your depression. You are experiencing a real range of intensive emotions and pain, medically called depression…you are forever and always you… Mark, Sahid, Izzy, Kayla, Sandra, Philip…you are you and with support and courage there is a way through this to enjoy life once more. It’s a big step but to those of you that this resonates with…please make that step when you are ready x NB names stated are not names of clients past or present but an example that a person experiencing depression is a person always.

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