What were you told you’re not?

What were you told you’re not?

Not sporty, not careful, not academic, not quiet, not practical, not thoughtful, not funny, not handsome, not sociable, not beautiful, not deserving, not…not…not

This can equate for many a innate sense of not feeling good enough, low self worth, low self esteem, a sense of lacking or being lesser in some way, low confidence and so much pain with . Pain that can show itself in depression and anxiety, skin conditions, ruminating, flu like symptoms, constant aches and pains, headaches, sickness…in short any way the body can try to express that sense of deep sadness and grief.

Sadly too often these messages are delivered to us in our lives. When we receive these messages they dont ‘ magically’ disappear if they settle in us. They peck away, taking pieces of our true selves.

Counselling can open a space for questions and challenges to these self beliefs we may have adopted for ourselves and help to clarify our real selves and what we are to ourselves and others x

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