Care & Connection

Back from a weeks break and just sitting in my office reflecting on my time.

Where ever I am in my life be that my physical or inner presence , the people I care about come into my thoughts. They may rest a while and then continue on their way or they may sit a while longer before moving on. In those moments often I learn something about that person that perhaps I hadn’t seen before or it confirms something that feels important for me and perhaps then also for them.

Wherever I travel between those times when I am next with that person I value the space that I hold for us not with any effort on my part but through the connection that I have with them. I look forward to being in their presence and their world however long that may be for and standing with them as we unravel the delicate tangled strings that life so often presents us. To see someone really breathe, or truly invest in their life with the same, if not more care than I have for them is the most humbling and joyous of experiences.

Counselling isn’t about “fixing” things/people, for me it is about connecting, re-connecting and dis-connecting with so much more than is obvious to the eye, to live the life that we are through what matters to us and what we care about. When we can do that, so much then has the potential to slide into place as an order and balance is resumed or created – never without it’s ups and downs but with a peace and strength that we know we will be ok.

picture by Jon Sullivan – PdPhoto

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